didgeridoo_300_250Buying a didgeridoo for sleep apnea for the first time can be overwhelming – it’s an uncommon instrument and you are going to use it as a device to get rid of your medical condition.

But fret not, here are some tips on where and how to buy a didgeridoo for sleep apnea.

The following websites are good places to start:

How Much Does a Didge Cost?

Didgeridoos come in a big range of prices, from as low as $25 or so for a plastic didgeridoo to over $2000 for a traditionally made one by a famous didgeridoo craftsperson. For most beginners though, a mid-range, reasonably priced didgeridoo should be sufficient. This means a didgeridoo priced between $50- $500.

Make Your Own Didgeridoo

If you wish to venture out more and take it a bit more personal, you can actually make your own didgeridoo and save a few dollars.

The materials you need are a plastic pipe, a hacksaw, a file, a sharp knife and beeswax for the mouth piece. The easiest material you can use for your didgeridoo (and that you can find in your local hardware store) is a schedule 40 PVC pipe. Choose one that has a 1.25″ or 1.5″ diameter. w_mouthpiece

  1. Procedure: 

1. Measure and mark the appropriate length on the pipe, between 45-62 inches long, and cut the pipe using a hacksaw.

2. Using the file and knife, smooth both ends of the cut tube and remove any rough edges from cutting.

3. Mold beeswax over one end of the pipe for your mouthpiece.

You now have your very own hand-made didgeridoo. The choice of a store-bought didgeridoo or a homemade one is entirely up to you.

As a recommendation though, beginners should start practicing on a store-bought one so you only have to focus on getting the technique right instead of worrying if you made the right type of didgeridoo for sleep apnea.

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