If you are one of the many people who suffer from sleep apnea, you may wonder what the sleep apnea causes are. You may think that there is only one sleep apnea cause, but there are actually a number of factors behind the condition.

The sleeping condition is a cause for concern, which is why preventing it as much as possible is important. The complications that can come out of the condition will compromise the quality of your health or even be the cause of your demise.

The 5 Most Common Sleep Apnea Causes

There are a lot of factors that are behind the sleeping condition. Some are beyond our control, and some are of our own doing. In any case, regardless of physical deformities or bad habits, the proper course of action must be taken.

Here are those sleep apnea causes:

1. Enlarged Adenoids Or Pharyngeal Tonsils

– An adenoid is an accumulation of lymphoid tissue found where the nose and mouth are joined.

– The enlargement of the adenoids can cause an obstruction of the airway.

– To remove this blockage, surgery is required.

– The surgical removal of this mass is called an andenoidectomy.

2. Distinct Physical Characteristics

– These characteristics include a deviated septum, a receding chin, distinctive head shape, distinctive neck shape, and an enlarged tongue.

– These physical features can cause an obstruction of the airway.

– To remove the obstruction caused by these physical features, corrective surgery may be required.

3. Nasal Blockage Or Congestion

– Colds, allergies, and sinusitis are among the sleep apnea cause.

– Another common factor behind the sleeping condition is smoking, which causes nasal congestion.

– To avoid the condition, keeping in tip top shape and kicking the habit is required.

4. Excess Relaxation Of The Tongue And Throat Muscles

– Factors behind this are age, sedatives, and alcohol.

– If age is the factor, keeping in shape is required.

– If substance abuse is the factor, quitting the use of these substances is required.

5. Obesity

– 50% of people who have sleep apnea are obese.

– Obesity causes soft and fatty tissue to buildup around the airways, causing an obstruction.

– Watching your weight, what you eat, and ample exercise will eliminate obesity, the sleeping condition, and the many diseases that come with being overweight.

Given the factors behind sleep apnea, you must take the appropriate measures to avoid the condition. There are just too many health risks at stake.

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