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Cure Your Sleep Apnea with Herbs ebook (Valued at $49.95)

Did you know that there are herbal therapies that can greatly reduce sleep apnea symptoms and cure insomnia?

This 23-page ebook is the most comprehensive resource on herbal therapies for sleep apnea and insomnia available anywhere. In this ebook you’ll discover:

  • Common (and uncommon!) natural, plant-based sleep aids
  • Natural remedies that help sleep apnea respiratory symptoms
  • The best non-addictive sleep supplements
  • The best sleep supplements to prevent grogginess when you wake up
  • Sleep supplement that are the most effective
  • Detailed instructions on where to buy these supplements (online and in stores)
  • And much more!


Yoga Breathing for Sleep Apnea: Your Complete Exercise Guide ebook (Valued at $49.95)

It’s a little known fact that your diaphragm muscles can be a huge help in reducing sleep apnea. How? The diaphragm muscles are responsible for breathing – weak muscles mean your breathing isn’t as strong as it should be.

In this 24-page ebook you’ll be shown step-by-step how to improve your breathing using specific yoga exercises. Here’s some of the things you’ll learn from the ebook:

  • How an ancient yoga technique can help control your breath (and increase your awareness)
  • A ten-step breathing technique that will strengthen your diaphragm and improve oxygen slow
  • Two breathing exercises that will calm your mind and free your body of toxins
  • Four “sleep meditation” exercises that will help you sleep better tonight!
  • And much more!


Food, Allergies, and Sleep Apnea ebook (Valued at $49.95)

What we eat and the allergies we have can have a big impact on our sleep apnea. This no-fluff, 12-page ebook explains the relationship between food, allergies, and sleep apnea, and covers these topics in detail:

  • Foods that make sleep apnea worse
  • Foods that can help reduce sleep apnea symptoms
  • How allergies can contribute to sleep apnea
  • Solutions to reduce or eliminate your allergies
  • General measures to prevent allergies
  • And much more!


Weight Loss for Sleep Apnea ebook (Valued at $49.95)

Most sleep apnea sufferers know that being overweight or obese is one of the main causes of sleep apnea. But how to shed those extra pounds?

This 213-page ebook was written specifically for sleep apnea patients by an M.Sc. nutritionist who has years’ experience treating people with sleep apnea. This comprehensive ebook is a complete weight loss course, including 12 modules covering these topics and more:

  • How to prepare meals that are healthy AND don’t taste like soggy cardboard!
  • How top determine the best portion sizes for you
  • How to stick to your diet
  • How to get your family on board
  • How to deal with hunger
  • How to improve your energy levels
  • And much more!


Overcome Daytime Fatigue: Sleep Apnea Edition ebook (Valued at $49.95)

If you’ve uttered the words “I’m too tired to…” in the past year or so, you are not alone. Some 50 million Americans see the doctor each year complaining of general fatigue. As a matter of fact, fatigue is the next-most-common complaint after colds and flu!

In this 57-page ebook you’ll be taught all the tricks of the trade to overcome your daytime fatigue – as quickly as possible! The ebook covers these topics and more:

  • Should I use stimulants to combat my daytime fatigue?
  • Techniques to stop feeling drowsy during the day
  • How to increase your energy levels
  • Exercise workouts to fight fatigue
  • Food that fight fatigue
  • How to sleep less and still feel great
  • And much more!


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