If you are growing tired of the uncomfortable and unhealthy side effects of the CPAP, you may wonder if there are any CPAP alternatives. True, it is possible to develop complications from these side effects, but is there any other choice?

Commercially, we are led to believe that a CPAP alternative does not exist. This is why people who have sleep apnea bravely face these side effects to treat their sleeping disorder. The bureaucracy and marketing strategies just have too much convincing power.

Thanks to extensive research and analysis, alternatives to CPAP machines have been discovered. These alternatives do not cause any health risks, and do not even come close to the price tags of the said machines.

The 4 CPAP Alternatives

Who said treatments have to be complicated and expensive? You might be surprised that these techniques have the ability to rid you of the condition’s symptoms, due to their simplicity and ease.

Here are the alternatives to CPAP machines:

1. Changing Sleeping Positions

– By simply preventing sleeping on your back, you prevent the condition’s symptoms.
– Sleeping on your side prevents the mouth, throat, and tongue from obstructing the airway
– Snoring is also prevented.
– The only drawback is that it could take a lot of getting use to.

2. Singing

– Believe it or not singing is an effective method of sleep apnea treatment.
– Through song, the muscles in the airway are strengthened.
– This prevents the airways from collapsing, and breathing pauses are eliminated.

3. Playing The Didgeridoo

– A didgeridoo is an ancient flute-like Australian instrument.
– This CPAP alternative does require a lot of commitment and has the same effect as singing.
– Blowing on this ancient wind instrument strengthens the muscles in the airways.
– The Instrument requires no skill.
– Is an enjoyable activity.

4. Sleep Apnea Pillow

– A simple to use pillow that prevents snoring and other sleep apnea symptoms.
– It is comfortable to use and allows you to comfortably sleep on your side.
– The only thing complicated about this pillow is its revolutionary design
– The pillow’s contours and abstract angles nestles the head and supports the neck preventing obstructions in the airways.

These CPAP alternatives are inexpensive and simple ways to get rid of your sleep apnea. The best thing about these alternatives is that they do not fall short on effectiveness.

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