The 4 Infamous CPAP Side Effects

The Continuous Positive Airway Pressure or CPAP for short has been the most popular method of treatment for sleep apnea, but despite its popularity did you know that there are CPAP side effects? Sadly, the side effects of CPAP machine is the reason people stop treatment.

In any type of treatment, the main expectation is to relieve ourselves of the symptoms of whatever condition we might be experiencing. However, if that treatment has side effects, what’s the point of using it? We get treatment to get better, and not deal something else.

How The CPAP Works

The device is actually a machine that pumps pressurized air. The air is delivered through a hose and mask. This assures the air does not leak, and a steady amount of pressurized air is supplied to the airways.

When the airways are filled with air, there are fewer chances of obstructions occurring. This means no more pauses in breathing, and the heart is not strained. A steady supply of oxygen is allowed to be distributed to the blood and the cells in the body.

In addition, the device has been known to stop snoring and sleepiness during the day. The machine assures you of an accident free and more productive day. It promises a full night’s sleep, but what they don’t tell you is of the side effects of CPAP machine.

The CPAP Side Effects

Despite being an effective and popular method of treating sleep apnea, the device is also known to cause harmful side effects. These side effects can be too much for other people to handle. This is the main reason why this form of treatment is stopped prematurely.

Here are those side effects:

1. Discomfort Caused By The Mask

  • Some people feel uncomfortable wearing sleep blindfolds; what more if they were required to wear a mask
  • The masks have to snugly fit the face, and the tight straps can be uncomfortable

2. Congestion Of The Nasal Passage Or Nose

  • The CPAP is known for causing dryness in the nose
  • Dryness causes excess mucus production
  • More mucus results to nasal congestion

3. Headaches

  • A lot of air pressure causes pressure in the ears
  • Ear pressure causes headaches

4. Gas

  • Due to the constant delivery of air, the air can get trapped in the stomach
  • This causes bloating and stomach pain

In essence, treatments are meant to relieve us of our condition, and not cause other health risks in the future. The CPAP side effects are just too much of a hassle for a lot of people to handle.

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