I do thank you for your supreme dedication in wanting to help people
with this problem, and appreciate your efforts in giving information on this illness.
I have noted your daily advice and will explore options. Thank you, sir.


Hey Marc – Loved your book. Read it on vacation. The only treatment
that is a cure was not listed – Tracheotomy. Do you know if anyone got
this done???? I was diagnosised with mod-severe sleep apnea and cannot wear
the cpap machine – I’m going to try again this week since surgery is the
only other option. Thx for your literature

J. Carbone


Dear Marc

So many thanks for the online information you have provided regarding sleep apnea
treatments. Yes, I have them all. I printed the cheat sheet and everything else I
could see on the website.

Unfortunately, I have the worst type of sleep apnea – a combination of both central
and obstructive apnea. Due to the cutting of my phrenic nerve and paralysis of my
left diaphragm, I am on both oxygen and a BiPap machine. I trained in the Buteyko
breathing technique some years ago, but got lazy and haven’t been good about my
practice sessions. Playing a didgeroo sounds as if it will be the best option for me
to try first (provided I can take in enough breath to blow the thing).

Anyhow, I wanted to thank you for providing alternative methods of treating (and in
some cases curing) this wretched affliction. I sent your details on to my family
members and friends who have obstructive apnea, and I am sure your e-course (and
your book) will benefit them greatly.

Thank you once again for this wonderful and caring service.


Jan, Australia

I got your Book. Thanks for all the sleep apnea information. I’ve done the
sleep study and have been to a ear, nose and throat specialist. I’m in the
process of making an appointment to see the dental device specialist, which
appears to be my best course of action.

Sam N, USA

What a nice surprise to hear from you, Marc. Thank you for writing. Since
I wrote to you on 7/5, I came to an impasse with the Chinese company and
their Wrist Pulse Oximeter. I could not make it work. I don’t think it was
simply that I’m not proficient at computer technology, I think something
isn’t right with the kit and I kept telling them I wanted to return it to
them, but they seemed incapable or resistant to the concept of failure, and
have given me reason to file a complaint with Amazon. So, at this point, we
don’t know whether either of us has Apnea or not.

At any rate, my ordered Didgeridoo did arrive and today I secured some
Beeswax for a mouthpiece. My husband appreciated seeing my Didgeridoo, and
asked me to order one for him too. I did and it arrived earlier this week.
Yesterday, I ordered a gift bag for his instrument and a DVD with
instructions for us to learn how to play our newest additions to our lives.
We’re not only looking forward to learning something new, but improving our
health with the exercise to our throat muscles and our lungs.

Thank you for coming into our lives at this time. Bless you for all you do
to help people.




Hi Marc,
your website has been most useful, and I have been able to make good use of your
suggestions. Independently of your recommendation, I’ve gotten the CD’s that
Sleep Tracks advertises, and I can tell you, they’ve made a HUGE difference in
my quality of sleep. With your suggestions, I also plan to cure myself of sleep
apnea. So thanks.


Thanks Marc. Your suggestions have helped and appreciate your emails.


Hi Marc,

Many thanks for the notes really helpful, i had a new optimism when i read them.
i have done some acupuncture only one session tho’ my sleep was ok but i need to
do a couple more and also take the herbal medication they prescribe.


Thanks for all the useful information you forwarded to me, it’s pleasing
to know that I’m not alone in this dilemma and there are alternatives,
which gives me hope. Thanks for the work you do, really appreciate
people like you that challenges a belief or subscriptions from the
medical field, which some of us just accept – and not to our personal or
financial benefit at all.

Kind regards



Marc: Thank you so very, very much for your outstanding effort on behalf of sleep apnea sufferers. You have indeed done a great service — thank you very, very much.

P. Vargas


Dear Mark, my name is ___ Crespo. I also suffer with sleep-apena,to the point of test results done in Hospital ( twice ). My results were : I STOPPED breathing 12 times in one hour of sleep! This test was taken two times ,over night in the Hospital. Given the C-cap, NOcould do! I went to an orthrodontist and he made me a mouth piece, I can not only sleep better, I FEEL GREAT ! I now am Awake,Alert,and my days are great. I will not go to sleep with out my mouth Appliance.It looks like clear plastic braces. I want to thank you for getting me on the right track to solving my problem. I hope all others with Sleep-Apena, will find their way to end this deadly problem also!! Best wishes; M Crespo


Dear Mark, I just found a Great way to get rid of Sleep apena!! I have a great little gizzmo that my ORTHODONISTS made for me and I love it ! I feel Great, I sleep like a Baby ,no more snooring and feel real rested in the morning. Not to mention I now can function great ALL DAY. I hope all S-A patients will soon find relief too. Best to all, Mary

To Marc, I have now printed out your book . It is wonderful, Thank-you. Just an
aside, here in Australia , it is a big no no for women to use a didgeridoo.A sacred instrument for men only.
My sleep apnea is quite bad awaking 49 times an hour. Your book gives lots of options. I can’t bear the CPAP machine Hospital treatment here is free, with a long wait, so have my name on the list for a nose repair. Also I intent to try the acupuncture too.

Thank-you once again ,

Regards L. Pearce Sydney Australia.


Hello sir,

The treatment guide on Sleep apnea is very useful & full of research.Thanks for the notes & guidence on apnea.

Right now I dont want the subscription for the sleep apnea treatment, so whenever I require I will follow the link. So thanks a lot again.

P Kulkarni, India


Thanks for the good info so far.going for the sleep study next week.

I. Preli, Conneticut

I have purchased your book a few weeks ago. I’ve read it all including the ebook Overcoming Insomnia

What else to say but…… Merci beaucoup

I was told a month ago that I suffer from apnea…

When I have a chance I’ll write to you about my story

JP Talbot, Montreal, Canada


Interesting stuff. I actually am preparing to have my sleep test tonight with my first round of CPAP. We shall see how it goes.

K Wells, Wyoming, USA


Thanks Marc for standing by me during these difficult times in my life. I am very grateful for all that you are doing for me,


M Amara,


Dear Marc/

This is Jahangir from Bangladesh. I must convey my Thanks & regards for such a nice, handy & useful Book on Sleep Apnea. From day I found your mail along with step by step e Guide I really started following your advices.

Meanwhile, I sent a mail to one of my friends Mr.Perry a Canadian citizen whom bought the book from your end.

Now, I’m very serious following your guide in the book. And I do believe following your advises i shall be benefited soonest.

Further to write i shall let you know my position within next couple of days (definitely benefited or not).

Thanks for such a noble humanitarian work for the benefit of the people in the Global like me who are suffering from such a killer disease .

J. Salim


I have not responded to you, but after all the info you sent me, I decided to opt for the oral appliance. I found a Dentist who lives 3 blocks from me, who I took my 4 year old to, as he was recommended to me by a friend. Lo and behold he uses an oral appliance. I ended up getting one, and the first night I used it, my wife called and said, That I just gave her an early Xmas present, as I did not snore that night. I do snore occasionally, but not for long and as loud. It took a few days to get comfortable with it,adjusting in the morning Etc.


F. Burrell


Just wanted you to know that I’ve had a sleep study, have my dental appliance and I no longer snore. My sleep apnea is now within the normal range.Thanks for your help.

S. Noyes


… this guide is really good for those who are just diagnosed and don’t want to spend the time to figure it out on their own.

Jason Morris



I really appreciate all of your emails. I am very ill suffering badly. Been in the Hospital and had 2 sleep studies. Insurance issues at times. At # 10 on the machine. Too much pressure for me. IT’s always too high. I really do not know what to do. Heard this today. National Radio on Apnea. _http://www.npr.org/player/v2/mediaPlayer.html?action=1&t=1&islist=false&id= 134467782&m=134525397_ (http://www.npr.org/player/v2/mediaPlayer.html?action=1&t=1&islist=false&id=134467782&m=134525397) Many of your suggestions are awesome. Not sure what to do, or where to go at this point. just at my wits end. Blood pressure meds started 2 weeks ago. Very ill as I stated. Affected my entire life. 52 year old male. 4 kids. married. Working barely. MY sleep study at Deborah heart and lung was ok, but the doctors there treated me very poorly in Emergency, and at my hospital stay. OBAMA CARE. Thank you for your time, and help, rob