Stop Staring at the Ceiling! Fall Asleep Fast with These 5 Effective Insomnia Techniques

Get 'Insomnia No More' eBook if you want to know how to cure insomnia for good.

Get ‘Insomnia No More’ eBook if you want to know how to cure insomnia for good.

According to studies the average sleeper takes seven to ten minutes to fall asleep. People who are sleep deprived may take as little as five minutes to start snoozing. On the other hand, people who have insomnia find it difficult falling asleep within a reasonable time frame.

Bed time can be a challenge each day, but these techniques can help make things easier.

  • sleeping beautyMaintain a regular schedule – It’s important to make sure that a regular sleeping schedule is kept no matter what happens. Sleeping and waking up at the same time each day will keep the body clock normal. Avoid making up for lost sleep because this can reset the body clock.
  • Slow down- Make relaxing a part of daily bedtime routine. By taking the time to sit back and relax the body senses this and takes a cue that it is time for bed. This should also be done on a regular basis, in order to condition the body.
  • Eat right- What a lot of people don’t realize is that proper eating habits can make a difference too. Try not to eat a heavy meal or drink too much water before going to bed. These can bring indigestion or the need for frequent urinating which both interfere with getting to sleep. At the same time, eating the right types of food can also be beneficial.

Certain foods like milk and peanuts contain the amino acid tryptophan which helps the brain produce serotonin for relaxation. Taking such foods before going to bed can help calm the body.

  • Steer clear of medication- Some types of medication actually contain caffeine or stimulants which may keep the system alert. Avoid taking in over the counter medicines a few hours before going to sleep. Be sure to consult a health care provider before taking any medication to ensure that it does not contain caffeine or stimulants.

Stop Problems from Keeping You Up

Another problem that people with difficulty sleeping face is their problems. Many times at the end of the day, when it is time to wind down, thoughts race through night and prevent sleep from coming. People tend to think about their problems and worries ay night, because the mind filters less information. During the day when a person is alert, the mind is often busy and works on filtering things.

However, once the mind begins to calm down at night, worries may no longer be blocked causing thoughts about problems. Anxiety from worrying can trigger the nervous system to send signals to the adrenal glands. As a result the system becomes more alert, keeping a person awake.The best way to deal with this is by having an outlet for your concerns.

Make a journal where you can write down any problems or things that bother you. It will also be good to write down how you plan to deal with the concerns. Writing down things that need to be done also helps de-clutter the mind and make a person feel at ease. Others find that simply talking to others about their worries helps to ease these too.

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