Stop Falling Asleep on the Road! The 6 Best Techniques for Boosting Energy During the Day.

Get 'Insomnia No More' eBook if you want to know how to cure insomnia for good.

Get ‘Insomnia No More’ eBook if you want to know how to cure insomnia for good.

Fatigue and sleepiness is one of the top reasons people complain about these days. It could be because of not having enough sleep during the night, but it can also be caused by other factors. Whatever it is, here are the 8 best techniques for boosting energy during the day while driving.

1. Talk. Have someone along when you go for a long drive to talk to and to trade places when you feel sleepy on the road.

drivingTired2. Move. When we say move, we don’t mean exercising for long stretches of time every day. Although that helps a lot, not all of us have time to do so.

Stop your car if you sleepy while driving, stretch, and walk in place for about 5 minutes — that should get you going ’til your next destination.

3.  Avoid alcohol and taking sedatives before a drive. These substances cause you to become drowsy. If you need to take medications, ask your doctor for their sedative effects and an alternative if they do have these effects.

4. Always have enough sleep the night before. This is fairly important, so if you are known to have bouts of insomnia every now and then, read about some quick fixes for insomnia you can use to fall asleep the night before.

5. Don’t eat a large meal before driving. Your stomach needs the energy to digest all the food you are eating, and the hard work of digestion can make you sleepy.

6. Avoid driving between midnight and the early hours of the morning. The reason for this is obvious. Your body is attuned to sleeping during this time so if you have to, especially after a long flight, always take extra care. Or even better, just rent a room at the airport hotel and get fully rested before driving out.

Hopefully, these 6 techniques will help you stay alert and awake on the road. Drive safe!

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