Sleep Apnea Weight Loss: Packing Away The Pounds And Eliminating Sleep Apnea

Is there such thing as a sleep apnea weight loss? It has been proven that 50% of people who have the sleep disorder are also obese. Obesity causes the condition. Therefore, weight loss has been one of the most effective treatments for the condition.

However, is there really a weight loss program for people with the condition? Is there a specific exercise regimen for people who have the sleeping disorder?

Sleep Apnea And Weight Gain

Studies have shown that there is a connection between the sleep disorder and weight gain. The condition deprives the body of sleep. Sleep deprivation results in the excess production of grehlin. Grehlin is responsible for stimulating an appetite.

Due to the excess production of grehlin, the body tends to increase its food intake. This leads to weight gain.

Other than the increased production of the said hormone, the sleeping disorder deprives the body of the importance of sleep. When you sleep, the body repairs cells and increases muscle tone. Lack of muscle tone means excess fat.

Is There An Effective Sleep Apnea Weight Loss Program?

The truth is there are no specific sleep apnea weight loss programs. Since sleep apnea and weight loss do not go together, any means of doing away with the pounds will do. All effective weight loss programs will be effective.

Just as long as you get rid of the pounds in a safe way, you are assured to be rid of the sleep disorder’s symptoms. Any form of exercise or diet that you are comfortable with will be effective.

This is what’s recommended:

1. Any Form Of Exercise

  • Exercise promotes healthy muscle tone
  • Exercise promotes deep healthy sleep
  • Exercise prevents fatty tissue from building up in the airways

2. A Healthy Diet

  • Eating healthy will prevent the buildup of excess fat
  • Excess fat is one of the factors behind obstructions in the airway

Additional recommendations:

1. Singing

  • Believe it or not, singing strengthens the muscles in the airway
  • Strong airway muscles equates to less chances of the airways over relaxing

2. Blowing On A Didgeridoo

  • Blowing on this ancient Australian wind instrument has the same effect as singing
  • It requires less practice and is a lot of fun

Any form of exercise and a healthy diet will be an effective method of treatment for your sleep apnea. Again, sleep apnea and weight loss do not go together.

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