Have you ever heard of sleep apnea weight gain? Did you ever think sleep apnea and weight gain have a connection? Well, they do. This is why to avoid the perils of obesity; you must get ample amounts of sleep.

In today’s fast paced world, people care more for their laptops, mobile phones, and LCD TVs than sleep. Since more people care more about other things than sleep, it most likely that a person will take their sleeping condition for granted.

More and more people are reported to be obese, and the numbers just get bigger and bigger. Aside from lack of exercise, the standard American diet, and bad habits, they also do not seem to get the prescribed 8 hours of sleep every night.

Is there really a connection between sleep apnea and obesity? The truth is there is a connection.

The Sleep Apnea And Weight Gain Connection

There are 2 factors behind sleep apnea weight gain. The sleeping disorder can very well cause a person to gain weight, and open the doors to more health problems.

Here are those 2 factors:

1. Decreased amounts of REM

– REM stands for rapid eye movement
– REM promotes deep and healthy sleep
– Deep sleep is essential in bone growth, muscle tone, tissue repair, and hormone stimulation
– REM promotes muscle activity in sleep
– Lack of REM leads to a lack of muscle activity in sleep
– Sleep apnea promotes light and shallow sleeping
– Light sleeping decreases the amount of REM
– Lack of REM leads to an increased food intake

2. The Hormone Grehlin

– Grehlin is a hormone that increases appetite
– Lack of sleep increases the production of grehlin in the body
– The sleeping disorder deprives you of sleep
– Increased amounts of grehlin equates to weight gain

Aside from sleep apnea weight gain, our preference to wrong type of food and an unhealthy lifestyle are factors behind the growing numbers of obesity. Sadly, culture and society play a major influence in this preference.

If we cannot control or change our habits, obesity and sleep deprivation will always be a problem. We should pay more attention to the right amount of sleep and a healthier lifestyle.

If you suffer from sleep apnea, your chances of packing on the pounds are much greater. Getting treatment for your condition should be your fist step.

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