Have you ever heard of the sleep apnea test? If you suspect of having the sleeping disorder, then this is the only way of knowing for sure.

The sleep disorder has taken its toll on countless people around the globe. It the cause of billions of dollars in damage, and has claimed countless lives. Knowing if you have the condition will save you from further complications and a lot of lives.

You may ask yourself, how do I undergo the test? In this article, you will find helpful information on how to go about it.

Initial Sleep Apnea Test

There are certain things to look out for, before you undergo the test. If you are experiencing certain symptoms, you might have the condition.

Here are the symptoms to look out for:

1. Breathing pauses while sleeping or apneas
2. Loud snoring followed by seconds of silence, which is a sign of an apnea
3. Gagging in sleep
4. Experiencing fatigue upon waking up
5. Sluggish during the day
6. Mood swings

Since most of these symptoms occur during sleep it will be impossible to detect them on your own. It is important to follow these steps to know for certain.

1. Have your spouse or other companions in the household look out for the symptoms while you sleep
2. If you live alone, try to record audio of the sounds you make and silent moments when you sleep
3. If you live alone, try to record a video of the activities you make during sleep
4. During the day, try to take notes of episodes of dates and times you feel sleepy


A polysomnography or a sleep apnea test is the only method that can accurately determine if you have the condition or not. It involves being hooked up to a machine that gathers data when you sleep.

There are two types of polysomnography:

Lab Polysomnography

– Involves sleeping at least 24 hours in a sleep lab found in hospitals and sleep centers
– Gathers data of neurological and physical activities when you sleep
– Gathers data on breathing patterns and oxygen levels
– Supervised

Portable Polysomnography

– Involves taking home a portable device
– Gathers data in more natural sleeping environments
– Unsupervised
– Data is analyzed by sleep technician the following day

Both methods will accurately determine if you have the condition or not. These tests do cost money, and it will be important to find out if your health insurance covers the test.

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