CPAP – pros and cons

For people with the sleeping disorder, sleep apnea, the CPAP is the most commonly used method of treatment. The device is one of the most effective methods of treatment, and its success has been well documented in eliminating the condition’s symptoms and health risks.

However, did you know that the sleep apnea CPAP can cause a number of side effects and health risks as well? In fact, these side effects and health risks is the reason why people stop using the device prematurely. Before we get to this, this is how the device works. Click here to read more

The 4 Infamous CPAP Side Effects

The Continuous Positive Airway Pressure or CPAP for short has been the most popular method of treatment for sleep apnea, but despite its popularity did you know that there are CPAP side effects? Sadly, the side effects of CPAP machine is the reason people stop treatment.

In any type of treatment, the main expectation is to relieve ourselves of the symptoms of whatever condition we might be experiencing. However, if that treatment has side effects, what’s the point of using it? We get treatment to get better, and not deal something else. Click here to read more

The 4 Risk Free CPAP Alternatives

If you are growing tired of the uncomfortable and unhealthy side effects of the CPAP, you may wonder if there are any CPAP alternatives. True, it is possible to develop complications from these side effects, but is there any other choice?

Commercially, we are led to believe that a CPAP alternative does not exist. This is why people who have sleep apnea bravely face these side effects to treat their sleeping disorder. The bureaucracy and marketing strategies just have too much convincing power. Click here to read more

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