Respironics CPAP: What You Can Expect

If you have been prescribed Respironics CPAP for the first time, your curiosity to know about the product as well as the maker is natural. This article aims to enlighten you about what Respironics CPAP is all about so that you know beforehand the details of the product that promises you to bring relief from the distressful sleep apnea symptoms.

Company profile 

Respiratory Inc. is a medical device manufacturing company specializing in products that are used for the management of respiratory disorders. Based in Pittsburgh, the first manufacturing facility was established in 1976. Some of their earlier products were associated with tracheostomy.

The Respironics CPAP was the first Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPA) machine introduced by the company for treating sleep apnea in 1985. Subsequently, in 1992, the company patented the bi-level technology which was originally intended as an improvement of the CPAP but now it is used even for the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a kind of breathing disorder.

While in 2007, Respironics merged with Royal Philips Electronics, since March 2008 the owners of the company are Philips Electronics.

Respironics technology – revolutionizing the sleep industry 

The umbrella brand, Respironics, that includes a wide range of sleep and breathing related products, is a world class name, recognized internationally for is path-breaking technology. Starting from the first commercial Respironics CPAP in 1985 to their patented bi-level technology innovations in 1992 to several other front-line technology products have made the entire Respironics group one of the most trusted names the world over.

Respironics CPAP Machine and its accessories

The machine and its accessories help in providing mechanical ventilation in order to keep the closed airways open during sleep. Not only is it used for assisted breathing but also to replace spontaneous breathing.

Some of the important features of this equipment are: 

–          The Respironics mask, with gel lining offers exhalation port which reduces whistling and other noises that cause sleep disturbances during breathing out. Decreased sleep disturbances and increased comfort allow for better compliance with treatment protocols set up by the physician.

–          Flex comfort technology, auto algorithms, and Encore data management capability. These features help in improved functioning of the machine as well as achieve necessary therapeutic goals.

The System One REMstar Pro is a CPAP system that has the ability to track up to 30 days while delivering breath-by-breath therapy according to patients’ individual needs. From the data it has recorded, the device sets a fixed CPAP pressure.

What is more, the device conveniently and reliably tracks the working of the pressure regulations every 30 hours. The patient benefit is that all this happens automatically without having to call the caregiver to come home and check the pressure readings.

 What about their masks?

Respironcs offer a full range of nasal, full-face, minimal-contact, and pediatric masks in various styles to suit individual patient preference.

Presenting vital data to the physician made easy 

With the help of their wired and cellular modems and oximetry-capable broadband modem you can share important sleep data with your physician. With easy to operate data retrieval methods and easier home set up facilities these modems offer indispensible help to patients who need constant monitoring of their condition.

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