Pillows For Side Sleepers: All That A First-Time User Needs To Know

While it is obvious that pillows for side sleepers are for the use of people who sleep on their sides, but it is the people who NEED to sleep on their sides and buying such pillows for the first time, who would benefit most from this article. It is usually an important health compulsion or the need to sleep better that drive a new-user to buy pillows for side sleepers.

Be that as it may, let us first scan through the various benefits of such pillows: 

–          Eases areas that pain during or after sleep.

–          They comfortably accommodate the sleeping position

–          They are scientifically designed in order to eliminate snoring, reduce the frequency and severity of sleep apnea episodes, ease stiff neck and relieve back and shoulder aches.

–          Improve quality and quantity of sleep from first night of use.

Types of side sleepers 

There are several types of pillows for side sleepers to accommodate the unique needs of different types of side sleepers. Before you venture out to buy something for your own use, decide which of these categories you belong to:

  1. The ‘yearner’ position. This type of side sleeper sleeps on one side with both arms stretched in front of him or her.
  2. The ‘log’ position. These side sleepers sleep on one side with both arms pointing down.
  3. The ‘fetus’ position.  These side-sleepers sleep curled up on one side. This is considered to be one of the most common sleeping positions for side sleepers.

The next step in choosing pillows for side sleepers

Once you know the type of side sleeper you are, it is time to know the important considerations before buying the actual product. Though at the end of the day, choosing a personal product like a pillow ultimately depends on personal preferences and priorities, here are some broad guidelines:

–          What is the right size of sleeping pillow that would make you feel most comfortable?

–          What is the kind of support that the product offers? The main aim of such pillows is to keep the head, spine, neck and shoulders properly aligned. While back sleepers can do with a flatter pillow, side sleepers need more supportive pillows.

–          What kind of filling does the pillow have? Is it firm enough to be comfortable?

How to keep the pillows for side sleepers in good condition? 

The pillow that you buy should be firm. A pillow with a higher thread count often makes the pillow last longer. Higher thread count essentially means more threads woven into each square inch of fabric. The tighter it is, lesser are the chances of feathers and other fillings to poke out even when the pillow is used for a long time.

Using a pillow protector also helps. Such covers are cheaper than buying a new pillow every now and then. Ensure that the pillow is firm as it eliminates risks of back, neck and shoulder pain. One has to keep in mind that some of the side effects of sleeping on the side include pulsating neck pain; lower and upper back discomfort, limb stiffness as well as ear and headache.

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