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Guide # 1: Weight Loss for Sleep Apnea

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One major cause of sleep apnea is being overweight. When you are overweight, your airway becomes constricted and makes it hard for air to flow freely while you sleep. And while it is very easy for health buffs to say “lose weight and your problem will be solved”, you know it’s not that simple — especially for someone who has sleep apnea and doesn’t even have enough energy to make it through the day.

Weight Loss for Sleep Apnea is the answer to all your worries. Created in tandem with a licensed nutritionist, it will show you how to control your diet the right way so you can lose those excess pounds. It was especially written for those who suffer from sleep apnea since your dietary needs are very much different from those who don’t suffer from the condition.

This ebook covers a 3 month weight loss program and deals with topics like meal planning, portion sizes, how to deal with hunger, and improving energy levels during the day. This program is normally offered for $27 per month for 3 months. That makes it $81 for this program alone.


Guide # 2: Sleep Apnea Exercises Program

 (regular price: $77)

Flabby tissues and muscles in the mouth and throat are the leading causes of obstructive sleep apnea. When you sleep, these tissues fall back to your throat, causes an obstruction, and makes you snore. The only way around this problem is to strengthen the muscles in your mouth and throat. (Well, you can have surgery done to remedy this, but I doubt if you’d want to go that way immediately.)

The Sleep Apnea Exercise program is an exercise regimen designed to work out your throat and mouth muscles to prevent them from getting flabby. The program consists of several combinations of tongue, facial, jaw, throat, and soft palate exercises that will enable you to strengthen the muscles involved. It comes with step by step videos and a 52 page instructional manual so that you can do the exercises right. This particular program is priced at $47 for the downloadable version and $77 for the physical version.


Guide # 3: Living with CPAP 

(regular price: $37)

CPAP is the most prescribed sleep apnea treatment by medical professionals, and helps many people manage their sleep apnea and improve their lives with continued use. But only a handful of people enjoy using CPAP. In fact, most CPAP users give up after a few weeks of use because of the “side effects” experienced while wearing the CPAP device every night.

Living with CPAP will give you a better understanding of how to cope with life with a CPAP device. It explains why CPAP is important, how to choose the right CPAP device, and how to solve the common problems with CPAP use. Living with CPAP costs $37 when sold separately.



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