Online Test for Apnea

If you think you might have sleep apnea, the quickest way to tell is to do an online test for apnea. Below are some of the kinds of questions you’ll get asked in an online quiz to test apnea:

  • Do you regularly feel un-refreshed, even after waking from a full night’s sleep?
  • Do you fall asleep easily during your waking hours, while at home or at work?
  • Are you a loud, habitual snorer?
  • Has your bed partner witnessed you choking, gasping, or holding your breath during sleep?
  • Do you often suffer from poor concentration or judgment, memory loss, irritability and/or depression?

Other online apnea tests are more thorough, delving into more areas of your life. They address the potential impact of sleep deprivation, including work experiences and especially driving. Questions might also include personal information regarding weight and age.

SleepHelpUSA’s online test for apnea includes 23 questions covering your daily habits, feelings, and personal information. offers an online apnea test with 15 questions, and also includes a link where you can find a sleep center in your town or city. makes use of the Epworth Sleepiness Scale to determine if you likely have sleep apnea. (Note that they require you to enter your email address before taking their apnea quiz.)

Online tests for apnea are not meant to provide an absolute clinical diagnosis – rather, they can be used to give your sleep therapist or doctor an initial observation.

Your goal in taking an online sleep apnea test should be to figure out if a more advanced evaluation is needed. If the result of your online quiz is unclear (in other words, if the quiz says that you “might” have sleep apnea), you might have to do a sleep study. As described on our Apnea sleep study page, a sleep study involves staying overnight at a sleep center.

But before you pack your pajamas for an overnighter at the sleep center, read how you can first do a test for apnea within the comfort of your own home.

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