National Sleep Foundation: Helping Americans Sleep Better

Who is your best friend if you have a sleep disorder or have someone close who is trying to cope? It is National Sleep Foundation – one of the best known independent non-profit organizations in the US, whose services remain unparallel.

Who needs help from National Sleep Foundation?

America is a sleepy society. 25% of American adults suffer from poor sleep health that includes insufficient sleep for about 15 days every month. One of the ways to improve sleep-related health of the people of this nation is to increase awareness about sleep problems, their causes, diagnoses and treatments. Equally important is the need to provide all this important information in one platform, in the most reader-friendly and cost-effective way.

This is where the role of National Sleep Foundation becomes relevant and important.

Who runs this organization? 

Set up in 1990, the NSF as it is called runs with the help of voluntary contributions from foundations, corporations, government agencies and other organizations that support its causes.

What are the objectives of National Sleep Foundation?

–          To make every citizen of this country realize the importance of good sleep and its contribution for their own safety and overall well being.

–          This can help citizens make sleep a priority.

–          To make Americans identify the different sleep disorders and seek treatment.

–          To ensure that all public and private health institutions maintain a consistent manner of treating sleep disorders.

–          To reduce the incidences of road accidents in the country, which is more often than not, a result of excessive daytime sleepiness, arising out of lack of proper sleep.

–          To encourage research into discovery of newer sleep disorders and their diagnosis and treatments.

What kind of sleep topics can I get information on? 

While their website covers almost all the major sleep disorders that Americans are suffering from, some examples include:

–          Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD and sleep

–          Ageing and sleep

–          CPAP – treating sleep apnea

–          Dementia and sleep

–          Healthy sleep tips

–          Restless Legs Syndrome

–          Sleep Apnea

–          Insomnia

–          Narcolepsy

–          And many more.

What are the other online help one can expect from National Sleep Foundation? 

This is a truly great service. They have an online sleep shop where members of the Sleep Care Center, Health Care Professionals, and Health Care Associates receive a 20% discount on patient education materials. There is a simple online membership application process in place for anyone who wishes to become a member.  Some of the patient education brochures that are sold in bulk include: brochures on sleep apnea, insomnia and more.

What are their most noteworthy programs and activities?

–           National Sleep Awareness Week – A campaign for increasing public education and awareness that coincides with the return of Daylight Saving Time, during which Americans tend to lose an hour of sleep.

–          Sleep in America polls – These annual polls focus on sleep disorders affecting different demographics. For example, the 2006 poll surveyed American adolescents and young adults, and the 2004 poll focused on infants up to school-aged children, etc.

–          Sleep Care Centers – There are more than 800 sleep centers both nationally and internationally who have partnered with NSF to raise public awareness about the vital importance of sleep in their communities.

–          Drowsy Driving Prevention Week

–          Pillow Talk – A social networking site that requires membership, allows visitors to share their experiences with sleep and sleep disorders.

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