Thanks so much for requesting more info on weight loss and sleep apnea. I’ll do my best to live up to your expectations!

(1) In coming days I’ll be sending you tips and advice on:

  • How does weight gain cause sleep apnea?
  • How can I eliminate my sleep apnea by losing weight?
  • How much weight do I need to lose to cure my sleep apnea? (With healthy-weight guidelines)
  • Why is it so difficult to lose weight – and how can I quickly overcome that hurdle?
  • What are the best exercises to lose weight if I’m very overweight and don’t have the energy to exercise?
  • What are the best weight loss programs for people with sleep apnea?

(2) What should you do right now? Make sure to check out a project I’ve been working on with registered nutritionist Kathleen Bundy, M.Sc. (hint: it’s called Weight Loss for Sleep Apnea!) Please click here to learn more.

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