Lesson #1: How Singing Can Cure Your Sleep Apnea

In this first lesson on alternative sleep apnea treatments I’m going to tell you about a treatment that sounds crazy at first – but has been proven in scientific studies to cure sleep apnea.

The treatment is…singing therapy.

Wait! I know what you’re thinking: what kind of crazy treatment is singing therapy?

Before I go any further, I have to tell you that singing therapy was developed by a researcher at the University of Exeter, England in 1999. It was originally tested as a remedy for snoring.

How Singing Therapy Can Cure Your Sleep Apnea

To explain how singing therapy can cure your apnea, I have to start with a quick description of how your throat works. Hang on for a

The throat is made up of tissue, muscle and cartilage. Perhaps the strongest of the muscles in your throat are the vocal chords.

When we sleep, the tissues of our throat and airway relax. When the tissues relax, they can cause our airway to become blocked. This blockage results in apneas (in case you didn’t know, “apnea” is Greek for “cessation of breath”).

The tissues in the throat relax more in people who do not have “toned” airway muscles. In other words, people who have really flabby throat tissue are more likely to have sleep apnea.

Now, training the throat and airway muscles can help increase muscle tone. This increased muscle tone in the throat can reduce the vibration of snoring. And it can also prevent airway collapse, leading to apnea.

Will Singing Therapy Cure Your Apnea?

Before running out to take voice lessons, keep in mind that there are *specific types* of singing exercises that tone the airway. In other words, not all singing exercises will make your throat muscles stronger.

Singing therapy can significantly reduce the number of apneas you have every night. The therapy can also increase your vocal range (just in case you’re interested in trying out for American Idol next season!).

But don’t expect the exercises to involve making beautiful music. In singing therapy you make a series of emphasized sounds, as well as exaggerated mouth and neck exercises.

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