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  • Charlie cured his sleep apnea doing simple (but extremely effective) exercises you can do in front of the mirror at home!


  • Eron cured his sleep apnea using an ancient wind instrument from Australia!

  • Shawn cured his sleep apnea following a treatment that can be done in the shower!

Why 60% of Sleep Apnea Sufferers Reject CPAP Within 3 Months

It's a fact: the majority of CPAP users quit within 3 months of starting to use the equipment. I don't have to tell you why - the list of CPAP side effects is long and dreary:

  • Sinus infections
  • Claustrophobia
  • Leaky mask
  • And on and on

But that doesn't matter! Because recent discoveries in sleep apnea treatments means you don't need CPAP any longer. No more CPAP machine, CPAP mask, CPAP pillow, or CPAP side effects!

The Ultimate CPAP Alternative: Simple Exercises That Are Proven to Cure Sleep Apnea

Most people know that the biggest cause of obstructive sleep apnea is lack of muscle tone in the upper airway. Weak muscles in the upper airway means the airway closes when we lie on our backs and fall asleep.

And until recently the most effective way to counter-act that weak muscle was to have air blown down your throat (i.e. CPAP).

But recent research into exercises for the upper airway have opened up a whole new field - sleep apnea cures that are easy, free, and can be done at home. These exercises have been proven in clinical trials at select universities in the United States, United Kingdom, and Brazil.

But here's the problem: university researchers aren't good advertisers. So their discoveries have gone unnoticed by doctors and sleep specialists (and ignored by the CPAP industry!)

Until now!

I've made it my mission to educate ALL sleep apnea sufferers on the wonders of sleep apnea exercises. These exercises are easy, can be done at home, and...most importantly...are EFFECTIVE.

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