How Does the Buteyko Method Cure Sleep Apnea?

Click here to get the eBook, 'Buteyko Breathing Technique for Sleep Apnea'!

Click here to get the eBook, ‘Buteyko Breathing Technique for Sleep Apnea’!

The idea of being able to treat sleep apnea without having to use an invasive procedure, or wear a CPAP at night is a welcome thought for many sleep apnea sufferers.

Of course, those who have tried other treatments without success, or those who are not familiar with this alternative cure may be wary. What most people want to know about the Buteyko Breathing Technique (BBT) is if it really works.

There are not many scientific studies to back up the technique, but the theory is based on improving an individual’s breathing pattern based on practicing regular breathing exercises. The theory’s main contention is that hyperventilation is the underlying cause of many different illnesses, due to the lessened amount of carbon dioxide in the body disrupting the acid base balance.

Dr. Buteyko’s Theory

BBT works in relation to Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) which occurs mainly as a result of hyperventilation according to Dr. Buteyko. According to him , OSA happens as the body’s defense mechanism.

Once hyperventilation takes place and the carbon dioxide levels start dropping the system pauses from breathing or slows it down to help increase the concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood.

This will allow the body’s pH balance to stabilize. However, as the pH levels normalize affinity between the oxygen molecules and hemoglobin begin to decrease, once again causing an increase in oxygen and a decrease in carbon dioxide. The cycle then begins once again.

Breaking the Pattern

breathing_techniquesTo stop this cycle, the body must be “retrained” to learn how to breath properly. Stopping hyperventilation focuses on three main points:

  •  Nasal Breathing
  •  Reduced Exercise Breathing
  •  Relaxation

Nasal breathing is the foundation of the theory and it believes that breathing through the nose protects respiratory structures as the air which enters the body becomes filtered and warmed first. Dr. Buteyko believed that many people suffering from sleep apnea breathed through their mouths while sleeping. Training the system to breathe through the nose during the day can lead to carry over of this habit while sleeping at night.

The second point which is reduced exercise breathing involves an exercise where the breathing rate is reduced. The training focuses on controlling the amount of time which a person can hold his breath. The longer a person is able to do this, the lower the risk for acquiring disease.

Lastly, relaxation works on allowing people to control their breathing as a respiratory attack happens. During sleep apnea people tend to panic and hyperventilate as they lose breath. By practicing control, individuals can prevent hyperventilation from taking place.

While the Buteyko method is not one to be backed up by scientific study, it has worked for a good number of people. Moreover, it has been seen to work for diseases other than sleep apnea and is an excellent way to boost the health.

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