Facts About The Sleep Apnea Mouth Guard

If you’ve heard of people wearing a mouth guard for their sleep apnea, the rumors are true. These are actually special mouth guards that are specially designed to prevent the symptoms of the sleeping disorder. These guards are the condition’s 2nd most popular treatment method.

In this article you will get the essential facts about the device. Here, you will find out if the guard is your ideal method of treatment or not.

What Is This Device?

This device is actually a sleep apnea dental appliance. There are actually two types of this appliance.

1. Mandibular Repositioning Appliance

  • The most common of these devices
  • Works by pressing on the lower jaw and pushing it forward
  • Alters the position of the mandible or jaw
  • Alters the position of the tongue
  • Prevents the obstruction of the airway

2. Tongue Retainer

  • Less common of the devices
  • Makes use of a suction cup to attach to the tongue
  • This pulls the tongue forward
  • Prevents the tongue from obstructing the airway
  • More effective than the Mandibular repositioning appliance

Where To Get The Mouth Guards

There is only one place to get these devices. Your dentist selects or fashions the device to fit perfectly in your mouth. Without you dentist’s assistance, the device will not be effective.

Average Price Of A Sleep Apnea Dental Appliance

A mouth guard of this type can cost a lot of money. Most medical insurance policies do not cover these devices. If you plan to purchase this device, expect to shoulder the entire cost.

The cheapest dental appliance can be purchased for $50.00. Quality dental mouth pieces range from a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars. Top of the line devices can go up to $2,000.00.

The Side Effects Of A Mouth Guard

If this is your choice of treatment, there are a number of side effects you should expect to have.

Here are those side effects:

  • Initial sleep deprivation due to discomfort
  • Strain in the jaw muscles
  • Pain in the jaw
  • Toothaches
  • Excessive saliva secretion

Before choosing any method of treatment, knowing what you are getting into is always important. This will determine if the device will be good for you or not. Why buy the device if you will not continue its use?

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