Get Rid of Your Sleep Apnea in Just a Few Months —Without the Help of Your CPAP Machine

Learn How a Simple, Easy-to-Do Breathing Retraining Technique Can Help Cure Your Sleep Apnea


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Marc MacDonald, M.Sc.

Independent Sleep Apnea Researcher 


Dear Valued Customer,

If you are tired of waking up in the middle of the night because of sleep apnea, then you’ve made the right decision to come here. In a few moments, I will tell you a technique to get rid of that condition forever— and it’s an all natural one, by the way. 

No CPAP, no medications— Just an easy-to-do breathing technique that you can practice anytime, anywhere. Sounds interesting, huh? So let’s stop all these waiting and go into that now.


The Buteyko Breathing Technique For Sleep Apnea

buteyko-breathingHow long have you been suffering from sleep apnea? Years? Months? Or just last week? No problem. This breathing retraining guide is perfect for everyone. If you think you’ve done everything (or almost anything) to get rid of your sleep apnea and you haven’t succeeded, wait until you learn what the Buteyko Breathing Technique has to offer you.

Now you might ask, what is this so-called Buteyko Breathing Technique? Does it really work? How does it differ from other breathing techniques out there? Before we go into that, I should let you now first how my report on this breathing technique differ from other breathing technique stuff in the market.

I know how boring long reports can be, which is why I made this guide to be a short, 19-page report that covers the basic, yet most important bits of information about the Buteyko Breathing Technique. 

  • It explains the theory behind the Buteyko Breathing Technique in an easy-to-understand manner, in general and as it relates to sleep apnea. 
  • It elaborates the three key principles behind the Buteyko Breathing Technique— nasal breathing, reduced breathing exercises, and relaxation. 
  • It presents a list of other diseases that responds favorably to the Buteyko Breathing Technique (with that, I can say that this guide can also be useful for those who suffer from any of the diseases listed). 
  • It provides proof to the effectiveness of Buteyko Breathing Technique using evidences from scientific studies, case report, and patient testimonies. 
  • It gives a complete, step-by-step guide on how to perform the Buteyko Breathing Technique, along with some useful tips and strategies. 

All those and so much more….

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And if you are not interested yet, these first few testimonials about our products below should help you out:

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“I can tell you my situation is way better and with the snoring gone I am convinced am cured of sleep apnea.”

“Mine started when I realized I had added a couple of pounds to my weight. I was such a snoring nuisance that I was told by my girlfriend that sometimes I would skip breath several times a night. I went to my doctor who diagnosed me with obstructive sleep apnea. Surgery was the option but then I heard about singing therapy. I bought the CDs and started performing the exercises. I can tell you my situation is way better and with the snoring gone I am convinced am cured of sleep apnea.”

Tyson, comment published on Talk About Sleep online forum


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“I have reduced my obstructive sleep apnea attacks by half since doing them!”

“I would never give my Oropharyngeal exercise routine up, even if you offered me money! They’ve transformed my life. I complete a set of 6 exercises, mainly tongue based, twice daily. I have reduced my obstructive sleep apnea attacks by half since doing them! ”

 Colin, aged 56, Birmingham, UK


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“My sleep apnea is gone. This works!”

“My CPAP machine was a problem, there was no keeping it on all night, a pain. Well I was researching Australia and New Zealand news and found an article describing sleep apnea therapy that “cured” or reduced apnea. I tried it and it worked. My apnea is gone, my COPD is reduced, blood o2 is up, what more could I want! My sleep apnea is gone. This works!”

Comment on online forum


Impressed? Well then, to further help you, let us do a quick view of the contents covered in this short report:

What is the Buteyko Breathing Technique?

Before anything else, the guide will first introduce you to what this so-called Buteyko Breathing Technique is, along with a brief history on how it came to be.

This breathing method originated from Ukraine, and was developed by a physician named Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko. His basis for creating this method was the assumption that most diseases result from hyperventilation, or over-breathing.

So what is this hyperventilation? The concept of hyperventilation, and how it leads to various diseases, will also be discussed in this guide.

How the Buteyko Breathing Technique Works

Again, the Buteyko Breathing Technique is based on the theory that hyperventilation, diagnosed or not, is the main cause of numerous health conditions, including asthma and sleep apnea.

In this guide, how hyperventilation causes health disturbance will be explained in detail. Yes— in detail. But if you worry about getting bombarded with medical terms and all that, trust me, I have the explanations written down in simple, easy-to-understand language.

Basically, what this guide would tell you is that the Buteyko Breathing Technique corrects hyperventilation by training you to breathe normally. You eliminate hyperventilation, you get rid of health problems such as sleep apnea.

Performing the Buteyko Breathing Technique

This guide will also provide with complete, easy-to-follow instructions on how to perform the Buteyko Breathing Technique. The steps are founded on these three principles:

Nasal Breathing

  • The most important of the three principles of the Buteyko Breathing Technique.
  • As its name suggests, it involves breathing through the nose, which in fact, should be our normal way of breathing. 

Reduced Breathing Exercises

  • This next principle will instruct you to do exercises that will train you to reduce your breathing rate or volume. 


  • This principle involves teaching you some relaxation exercises that will keep your mind and body calm, thereby also helping to reduce hyperventilation.

Can the Buteyko Breathing Technique Help Treat Other Diseases?

The answer is a big YES. The Buteyko Breathing Technique is also the solution for more than a hundred types of disorders— any one that is caused by hyperventilation. Learn from the guide how the following diseases respond well to this breathing method:

  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Anxiety
  • Bronchitis
  • Bronchiectasis
  • COPD and emphysema
  • Hayfever
  • Migraines
  • Rhinitis
  • Sinusitis 

and a whole lot more…

With the long list of diseases that it promises to treat, you might be wondering now:

Is There Any Proof That The Buteyko Breathing Technique Works?

Definitely— the proof is derived from scientific studies and patient testimonials.

  • Majority of the studies on the Buteyko Breathing Technique were conducted by employing patients with asthma and sleep apnea as participants. 
  • Most of these patients reported improvements in symptoms and overall quality of life after performing the breathing exercises prescribed by the technique. 
  • Some of them even claimed that they stopped using their medications simply because they feel much, much better. 
  • Literature reviews would also tell you that there are enough convincing subjective evidences which prove that the Buteyko Breathing Technique really works.

And if those are not enough…

Also included in the guide is a true story of how a 44-year old man suffering from asthma and sleep apnea for many years already got rid of both disorders simply by following the breathing retraining exercises prescribed to him by his Buteyko practitioner. Learn how he managed to regain good health after just a few months.

So, if you want your sleep apnea gone, waste no time, and get yourself now a copy of:

The Buteyko Breathing Technique For Sleep Apnea

  • This guide is your aid in properly performing breathing exercises recommended from your sleep apnea. You will be taught a step-by-step guide on how to do:
    • Nasal breathing (a.k.a. normal breathing)
    • Reduced breathing exercises
    • Relaxation techniques 

    Plus, some tips on how to make you feel more comfortable while performing all those breathing exercises!

Upon purchase, you are also entitled for this bonus:

FREE BONUS! “Yoga Breathing for Sleep Apnea: Your Complete Exercise Guide” Valued at $27.00


It’s a little known fact that your diaphragm muscles can be a huge help in reducing sleep apnea. How? The diaphragm muscles are responsible for breathing – weak muscles mean your breathing isn’t as strong as it should be.

In this 24-page ebook you’ll be shown step-by-step how to improve your breathing using specific yoga exercises. Here’s some of the things you’ll learn from the ebook:

●  How an ancient yoga technique can help control your breath (and increase your awareness)

●  A ten-step breathing technique that will strengthen your diaphragm and improve oxygen slow

●  Two breathing exercises that will calm your mind and free your body of toxins

●  Four “sleep meditation” exercises that will help you sleep better tonight!

And much more!

Now some of the dreaded questions hover in your head like, ‘Am I not going to eat the food I want anymore?’ or ‘Am I going to starve myself to death?’

Don’t be silly! You won’t be subjected to a torturous regimen to treat your binge eating disorder. Well, sort of. I mean, treating yourself from your binge eating disorder is something you might abhor for a while but, trust me, you will get used to it in no time.

So, to sum it up again, here’s why you should consider

The Buteyko Breathing Technique For Sleep Apnea

  • A natural treatment you can perform at the comfort of your own home— or wherever, whenever you please! 
  • Reduces the need for medications, CPAP, etc. 
  • Get rid of your sleep apnea in just a few months, or even weeks, and be able to get that sound, restful sleep. 
  • Risk-free: iron clad 100% money back guarantee 😉 

Just think about it. What is that one-time payment of $27 compared to all the comfort and happiness you’ll get once you get rid of your sleep apnea? Would you rather be on medications, or perhaps CPAP, all your life? I don’t think so.

What I am offering you here is a very useful, affordable solution to your sleep apnea!

Waste no time. Click here and get your copy of The Buteyko Breathing Technique for Sleep Apnea now and see it for yourself.  

And if you don’t get satisfied with the results (which I’m telling you is impossible), there’s always the money-back guarantee. So what would you have to lose now?

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Imagine yourself a few months from now— no more sleep apnea and enjoying that much needed goodnight’s sleep after a long day from work.

The solution to your sleep apnea is just $27 away. Click on the ‘Add To Cart’ button now to purchase The Buteyko Breathing Technique For Sleep Apnea and its bonus ebook Yoga Breathing for Sleep Apnea: Your Complete Exercise Guide.



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Marc MacDonald, M.Sc.

Independent Sleep Apnea Researcher

Ottawa, Canada