"Can Food Really Conquer Sleep Apnea?"

Studies show there are certain foods that can significantly reduce sleep apnea… and there are other foods which can WORSEN its symptoms...

Marc MacDonald, M.Sc.
Independent Sleep Apnea Researcher
Ottawa, Canada

Dear Fellow Sleep Apnea Sufferer,

Diet plays a crucial role in improving and maintaining our health— everyone knows that. But did you know that there are also some foods that can actually aggravate your sleep apnea - and others that can reduce your sleep apnea symptoms?

Similar to diet, allergy to specific substances can also aggravate your sleep apnea - and controlling it can significantly reduce sleep apnea.

If you'd like to learn how YOU can harness the power of diet and allergies for your sleep apnea, please read on…


Food, Allergies, and Sleep Apnea - Everything You Need to Know

Food, Allergies, and Sleep Apnea - Everything You Need to Know ($49.95 Value)

food-allergies-spiralA no-fluff, 25-page cutting edge new ebook that will tell you everything you need to know about the connection between food, allergy, and sleep apnea. In this report you will:

●   Identify the specific foods that worsen your sleep apnea.

  • Learn practical steps for how to eliminate bad foods from your diet without starving yourself…

●   Learn which foods can help to conquer your sleep apnea symptoms…

●   Understand the role allergies play in sleep apnea…

●   Discover practical solutions to help reduce or eliminate allergies…

  • How to measure your progress in overcoming your sleep apnea
  • And much more!


The Guide also teaches you to screen sleep apnea and monitor your progress using several, easy-to-do ways. Like…

Food and Sleep Apnea


Food and Sleep Apnea

In this section you’ll learn about…

●   The foods that are more likely to worsen sleep apnea,

●   How these foods exacerbate the symptoms of your sleep apnea, 

●   The easy and convenient way to eliminate problem foods from diet without starving yourself. 

Don’t worry about avoiding or having to reduce certain foods. Included in the report is a list of foods that you can eat as alternatives to the ones that you are supposed to avoid.

Rest assured, you’d still be able to eat yummy, but much healthier foods instead of being restricted to consuming only veggies.

Allergies and Sleep Apnea


Allergies and Sleep Apnea

This part of our exclusive report talks about…

●   How allergies contribute to the aggravation of sleep apnea, 

●   Solutions to eliminate or reduce food allergies, and consequently, sleep apnea, 

●   Simple tips and tricks, and natural ways to prevent your allergies from bothering you again. 

Measuring Your Sleep Apnea Progress


Measuring Your Sleep Apnea Progress

Once you’ve switched on to the RIGHT kind of diet and are on the road to an allergy free life, you’d feel the need to keep track of your efforts.

This section of our easy to implement report will help you learn simple and applicable ways of monitoring and measuring your progress.

Take control of your health and pick up a copy of

Food, Allergies, and Sleep Apnea


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Take a look at what the latest research says about tackling sleep apnea through diet:

Findings of Researchers from the University of Crete in Greece:

download (1)Eating a Mediterranean diet combined with physical activity can help to improve some of the symptoms of sleep apnea, according to new research

The study, which is published online in the European Respiratory Journal, looked at the impact a Mediterranean diet can have on obese people with sleep apnoea, compared to those on a prudent diet.

The researchers, from the University of Crete in Greece, examined 40 obese patients suffering from OSAS. Twenty patients were given a prudent diet to follow, while the other 20 followed a Mediterranean diet*. Both groups were also encouraged to increase their physical activity, mainly involving walking for at least 30 minutes each day.

In both groups, the patients also received continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy.

The researchers monitored the patients during a sleep study, known as polysomnography. This involved monitoring several markers for OSAS, including electrical activity in the brain, eye movements and snoring. The patients were examined at the start of the study and again 6 months later.

The results showed that people following the Mediterranean diet had a reduced number of disturbances, known as apnoeas, during the rapid eye movement (REM) stage of sleep, which usually accounts for approximately 25% of total sleep during the night.

The findings also revealed that people following the Mediterranean diet also showed a greater adherence to the calorie restricted diet, an increase in physical activity and a greater decrease in abdominal fat.


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