CPAP Pro: Finally a Hassle-Free CPAP Option

If constant tightening of headgear or fixing perennial mask leakage is making you more hassled than the sleep apnea symptoms, it is time to consider switching over to CPAP Pro, the breakthrough mouthpiece invented by a once-upon-a-time frustrated CPAP user.

Imagine a night when you do not have to wear any cumbersome headgear or keep on adjusting straps or wear a mask. Imagine a night where you do not have to plan your sleeping posture in order to keep the CPAP accessories in position. All this is possible with CPAP Pro, the strap and mask-free CPAP option that is easy to create at home and fits onto the upper teeth.

What exactly is CPAP Pro? 

Invented by Joseph Goldstein, CPAP Pro is a latex-free boil-and-bite mouthpiece for the treatment of adult sleep apnea. Nasal tubes are combined with a dental appliance or a heat-molded mouth piece in the two separate designs. Both the types however seal tightly and efficiently against each of the nostrils with the synthetic nasal inserts that come with the package.

It is important to note that the seal is purposely not airtight as some air leakage is allowed to eliminate trapped stagnant air exhaled back into the tubes while breathing. This is a custom-made personalized, light weight device that has minimal contact with the skin.

How does one use it? 

The process cannot be simpler. Here are some guidelines for first time users on how to form the personalized CPAP device:

  1. Before assembling the product, read the user manual thoroughly.  Remember that the two parallel nasal tubes face towards the mouthpiece.
  2. Place mouthpiece in small pot, under two inches of water; heat the water till it starts to boil.
  3. Remove pot from heat and check water temperature with a thermometer. When the temperature is between 140 and 150 degrees, remove the mouthpiece from hot water with the help of tongs.
  4. Make sure that the mouthpiece is not too hot while placing in the mouth.
  5. Use thumbs and fingers to put as much as pressure as possible upwards to make an impression on the material. Bite firmly on the mouthpiece for a strong impression. Ensure that the teeth touch the bottom of the mouthpiece tray.
  6. Keep the mouthpiece in this position for about 5 minutes till the filler material cools and solidifies. Trim off the filler materials carefully with a pair of rounded scissors.
  7. Check the fit of the mouthpiece. It should rest comfortably on the upper teeth.
  8. While the mouthpiece is in position, slide the two corrugated tubes to press the nasal puffs against the nostrils to form a good seal and prevent any leakage.

You are finally done and it is now time to connect to your CPAP machine and give your own personalized CPAP Pro a test run!

How to take care of the device? 

Be prepared to allow yourself several days or even weeks to get used to the product. The mouthpiece ought to be cleaned daily in warm water and a dental cleanser. Before bedtime, wash your face as this can prevent sliding of the nasal puffs. Refrain from using any creams or lubricants on the nostrils or on the nasal puffs.

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