Can an Acupressure Ring Cure My Snoring? The Answer Will Surprise You!

If you have a partner who snores loudly (or if you’re the snorer in the couple!) you know that it can lead to long, sleepless nights.

There are many anti-snoring solutions out there, including nasal strips, mouthpieces, chin straps, and more. But have you ever heard of an anti-snoring acupressure ring? If you haven’t, read on to learn more about this unique anti-snoring solution! In this article we will discuss:

  • What an acupressure ring is and how it can help snoring
  • If there is any scientific research to back up the effectiveness of acupressure rings
  • What the best brands of anti-snoring rings are

What is an Acupressure/ Anti-Snoring Ring?

The concept of an acupressure ring is based on traditional Chinese medicine. In traditional Chinese medicine, the body is divided into points and meridians that in a healthy person are channels to an ever-flowing energy known as Chi.         fda

When a person has an ailment (including snoring), it is because the flow of Chi has been disrupted in some way. By manipulating certain points through acupressure, the flow of Chi can be restored and the ailment will go away.

Acupressure rings were created with this concept in mind, and they work by manipulating points in the little finger to eliminate snoring (or at least reduce it).

The ring has elevated areas on the inner section that press down on a part of the little finger when in use, which is believed to help stop snoring.

Scientific Evidence Regarding the Effectiveness of Acupressure Rings

As of now, there are no independent studies carried out on the effectiveness of acupressure rings for snoring.

One anti-snoring ring manufacturer claims to have had private studies done on their product, but have not linked the details of the studies on their site. The manufacturer claims that 68% of participants in their study reported that their snoring was reduced or gone after using the ring for 2 weeks. This result was based on 74 randomly selected participants from an initial study group of 153 participants.

Whether the claimed results are true or not is hard to tell, but if you are a heavy snorer there is no harm in trying out an acupressure ring as an experiment to see if it helps your snoring. If it doesn’t work, then you can move on to other methods; if it does, then great!

That’s what a journalist from the UK, Rosie Millard, did. She reported getting this ring for her husband as an experiment, and it apparently worked for him. Here’s an excerpt of the news article:

fdawe “Living with a snoring partner can be nothing short of torture. But former BBC journalist Rosie Millard claims to have found a cure to a problem which plagues millions of couples. Miss Millard says she was forced to search for a remedy after her husband recently began to snore, preventing her from sleeping. Rather than use remedies such as nasal strips and mouth sprays, the mother of four says she persuaded her husband, 53-year-old TV producer Pip Clothier, to try the Good Night Snoring Ring, which works by applying acupressure to the wearer’s finger. She claims that the £30 silver device fixed the problem almost immediately.”

Best Brands of Acupressure Rings


At the moment there are three main types of acupressure rings you can easily buy on the Internet. There may be other generic rings available, but these three are quite well-known and most people purchase these three brands.


Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring

This acupressure ring comes in three sizes and in a pleasing silver color. Users are asked to wear the ring in one position only, with the gap in the ring facing upwards.

Here are some testimonials for the Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring from the official website:     wefda

  • “It has made a huge difference to my life, and more importantly my wife’s. I guess there has been an 80% improvement resulting in better sleeping all round and lesser bruising to my ribs.”
  • “I made my husband ware the ring and the first night I was amazed.  It actually worked!  In fact it was such a shock to my sleeping that I kept waking (as normal) but thinking he was not in the room.  Now a few weeks later I am used to his silent sleeping and have slept great.  I feel so much better and am so happy I just had to thank you.  So thank you again.  I will recommend this to anyone who complains of a snoring partner.”
  • “I’ve tried everything over the years, I stop but then I start again but not with the Good Night Ring”


AntiSnor Acupressure Ring

The AntiSnor acupressure ring also comes in silver, and like the Good Night ring is available in three sizes (small, medium, and large). The ring is made from hypoallergenic material.   ffffffffw

Here are some testimonials on this product taken from the official site:

  • “After a few nights of adjustment, I discovered that by wearing the ring I was sleeping through the night and waking up without the usual heavy head associated with my sinus problems. As a bonus, my wife also told me that her sleep was now much more restful without the heavy, nasal breathing that emanated from the other side of the bed. I realize that you predominantly advertise the ring to stop snoring but your product obviously has benefits for many other people”
  • “I soon received my ring and put it to use. Still to my amazement I sleep all night and don’t wake up at all, giving my body deep sleep and me the energy the following morning. All my friends and work colleges now know about this product with some of them already purchasing the ring.”
  • “The last week has been the best I have slept for many years.  I wake in the mornings relaxed and so refreshed as I am actually restfully sleeping at night instead of tossing,
    turning & waking myself and my partner up with my snoring. My husband says that I still have a little snore in me but it’s now cute and not such an issue with bedtime.”

Stop Snore Ring

This ring actually comes in a bronze color rather than silver. It has a rather medieval design to it, but has a similar structure to the other anti-snoring rings mentioned. It is also available in three sizes, and all three sizes are fully adjustable.          wec

The manufacturer offers two positions in which the ring can be worn on the little finger, understanding that different things may work for different people. Reviews of the product on the official website show that they have quite a number of happy customers:

  • ·         “Did exactly as described and now I get a good night’s sleep!!”
  • ·         “This snoring ring has saved my marriage.”
  • ·         “Brilliant, only thing that has ever worked for me.”


Wrapping Up

If you have tried other clinically-proven anti-snoring remedies without luck, giving an acupressure ring a try definitely won’t hurt you. Use it for at least two weeks to a month and see if it works for you. If all goes well, it may provide you with a simple remedy to an otherwise troublesome affliction!

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