Better Sleep Pillow: Can Make All the Difference between Good and Poor Sleep

There is something wrong with your existing pillow or it simply needs to be changed; but how to access a better sleep pillow? After all, you have taken the sleeping pillow so much for granted all this time and have hardly any worthy information on how to choose a better sleep pillow or for that matter what makes a pillow ‘better’?

Sleeping pillow: much ado about nothing? 

The sleeping pillow is perhaps the best example of things that we take for granted. Once we are sleepy, the type of pillow we sleep on hardly matters. After all, what does a pillow do anyway, other than providing a resting place for the head? Perhaps this may sound surprising, but this is what a pillow does while you sleep:

–          Supports the head by propping it up. Also provides support to the shoulders. It ensures that the head, neck, spine and shoulders are rightfully aligned to eliminate pressure points. Or else, you would have had disturbed sleep with painful after-effects.

–          Guarantees comfort during sleep for 6 to 7 hours; again, without which your daytime activities would be severely impaired.

–          Cradles the head; prevents wrong sleep posture by keeping the neck in the right position.

What are the considerations for choosing a better sleep pillow?

In other words, how to ensure that you are using the most suitable pillow during sleep? Consider the following factors:

–          Choose a pillow with reasonable thickness. However too thick or too flat pillows may cause the head to bend forward, when sleeping on the back, or to the side when sleeping on the sides. At the end of the day, this might cause neck and back pain.

–          Inadequate height of pillows would also result in similar side-effects. The ideal height of the pillow should be about 4 to 6 inches.  This is not a mandatory figure though; ultimately you have to use a pillow that suits you best and your body is completely relaxed during sleep.

After paying due importance to the thickness and height of the pillow the next set of considerations for choosing a better sleep pillow are:

–          Usually pillows use wool, latex or cotton. In case you have allergy to any of these materials, choose wisely.

–          What is your usual sleeping posture? Knowing this helps in making a selection as there are different types of pillows for different types of sleepers like stomach sleepers, back or side sleepers.

–          Check out the guarantee clause; return policy, durability, maintenance and whether it is possible to try out a better sleep pillow before actually buying one.

–          Get a pillow cover that you find not just attractive but usable and long lasting too. Some pillows are sold with covers but make sure that they are protective and comfortable.

 What kinds of pillow fills are there and what difference do they make?

–          Pillow fills made of natural ingredients like feather, down or a combination of both are best for conforming to the contours of the head and neck. However they cannot be washed in the machine.

–          Machine washable materials are synthetic and made from polyester. These pillows are cheaper.

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