Best Pillows for Side Sleepers: How to Choose Them?

Choosing the best pillows for side sleepers could be a challenging task for someone who is not aware of the typical sleep needs of a side sleeper. A side sleeper is a sleeper who more often than not prefers to sleep on his or her sides as opposed to sleeping on the back or stomach. This affects the person’s pillow needs since a regular pillow would not normally keep the head and neck in proper alignment.

This makes selecting best pillows for side sleepers a job than requires in-depth knowledge about what to expect from these exclusive pillows as well as careful consideration of all factors.

Some considerations for choosing best pillows for side sleepers 

–          Side sleepers are normally in the habit of rolling in bed during sleep. Thus buying a wider pillow makes more sense.

–          Select a firm pillow which depends largely on the kind of fill used. While information about the type of fill is available on the label, keep in mind that higher filling makes a pillow firmer. Be that as it may, the most-preferred firmness is a matter of personal choice. Some side sleepers feel comfortable using softer pillows. Essentially one has to ensure that the fill should be adequate to keep the spine straight to avoid neck or back pain.

–          It could be easier to choose best pillows for side sleepers if a specimen can be tried out before actual purchase. Such samples are usually on display at most bedding and furniture stores. Trying out a pillow is the best way to judge the firmness, shape and comfort levels. Pay special attention to the way your spine and neck are positioned while lying down.

Getting started with your purchase 

Before you actually start searching for the best option in pillows for someone who prefers to sleep on his or her side, make sure that you know exactly how he or she sleeps. Sleeping on the sides in effect is a broad-based term that may not be enough to make a good choice.

There are three types of side sleepers. This means that there are different types of pillows also to accommodate the specific needs of these sleepers:

–          A side sleeper can sleep on one side with both arms stretched in front. Such a position is called the ‘yearner’ position.

–          The ‘log’ position is about sleeping on one side with both arms pointing down.

–          Many side sleepers sleep in the ‘fetus’ position curling up on one side. This is incidentally the most common sleeping position with side sleepers.

Pros and cons of certain type of fills for pillows 

Once you start searching for best pillows for side sleepers, chances are that you might get confused regarding the different types of fills used. If you want value for money, study the various advantages and disadvantages of different fill materials before taking the final decision.

For example, feather pillows might be soft and moldable but tend to feel sweaty and hot. They might have to be pulled up to retain shape while changing positions.  Not suitable for people who need neck support.

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