Best Pillow for Side Sleepers: How to Go About Buying One?

Buying the best pillow for side sleepers for the first time might seem a bit challenging for new users, but the job need not be as complicated as one imagines. All you need to know is the type of side sleeper you are; what to look for in the best side pillow for side sleepers and voila! You might bring home one of the best buys from the market.

Considering the fact that the primary function of a side-sleeper pillow is to keep the head, neck, spine and shoulders in an optimally aligned position as well as cradle the head and neck comfortably, it is obvious that the best side pillow for side sleepers ought to have the following features:

–          Right amount of firmness. While back sleepers could do with less of firmness, stomach sleepers need even less; side sleepers need their pillows to be firmer. This is the only way one can ensure that there is right support for the head, neck and shoulders. While each body is different, it could be a good idea to try out a product before buying.

–          Pillow with gusseting is a good idea. Gussets are built-in supports for the top and bottom of the pillow. They increase the supportive function of the pillows as well as make them long lasting. They also keep their original forms intact even after extensive use. Gusseting is essentially adding two extra pieces of material sewn together at the edges that add extra firmness.

–          Pillows with high thread count (makes weaving of the fabric tighter) and gusseting can easily make the best pillow for side sleepers.   

What kind of filling is best?  

Various kinds of claims made by manufacturers can be confusing especially when you are buying a unique product for the first time. The type of fill to be used in a special pillow is one such area. While the final choice is with the user depending on personal comfort preferences, etc, here are some broad guidelines in this area

There are two types of fills used in pillows: natural and synthetic.  While natural fills like feathers might invite allergic reactions with some users, the main benefit is their light weight. Typical synthetic materials used are either polyester or visco-elastic memory foam. High density foam mold according to body heat; whereas low density foam adjusts to body pressure. While in pillows they offer better support, being denser they are heavier.

The biggest hazard of memory foam is that the material is inflammable. Many new users complain of a strong chemical odor when using a new pillow. If you are allergic to such odors, this type of fill might not be for you. 

Best pillow for side sleepers: some brand suggestions 

    1. Carpenter Co. Beyond Down Gel Fiber Side Sleeper Bed Pillow – filling used is super fine fiber equivalent to white goose down. It has a 4 1/2-inch gusset and a high crown that supports to maintain natural alignment.
    2. Celestial Side Sleeper: Celestial™ products combine feather-like suppleness with the resilient support of the finest European white goose down. They’re overfilled for ultra-high loft and fullness
    3. Iso•Cool Visco Elastic Side Sleeper Bed Pillow and Iso•Cool Polyester Side Sleeper Bed Pillow: These pillows are made with 100% Isotonic memory foam and adjust to the preferred sleep position, help relieve pressure, and alleviate tossing and turning in bed

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