Best and Worst Foods for Sleep Apnea

Are you interested in learning more about how food and diet can cause and cure your sleep apnea.? Click Here!

Are you interested in learning more about how food and diet can cause and cure your sleep apnea.? Click Here!

The food that we eat plays a big role in how our body works. More than just providing energy or keeping the body healthy, the right food choices can also help keep the symptoms of sleep apnea under control.

  • With this in mind, it is important to know what foods can make sleep apnea worse so that people will know what to stay away from. Here are some of the top foods that can prevent proper sleep:

Whole Dairy Products- More than just having high fat content that can increase weight and affect the cardiovascular system, whole milk products also increase the production of mucous in the system and promote inflammation in the tissues. These can worsen obstruction in the airways and aggravate sleep apnea.

  • Bananas- While these are one of the most popular fruits around, bananas have a large content of sugar. Aside from this, bananas tend to trigger the production of mucoid plaque in the system, making it difficult for the system to absorb. As a result, the mucous gets collected and blocks the airways making it harder to breath.
  •  sashimiFatty Meat- Like dairy products and bananas, meats that have high saturated fat content trigger the system’s glands to increase mucous production which can block airways.  It can also induce inflammation which can make air passage tighter.
  • Alcohol- Although a popular choice of drink for many, alcohol is a downer that affects the body negatively. Once in the system it can slow down the functions of some organs, including the respiratory system. This results in shallow breathing and lessened oxygen in the system making it difficult to breath.
  • Highly Processed Foods- Also known as “white” carbohydrates, these include refined sugar, refined wheat, white rice and other processed foods which have been stripped of their nutrients. These contain high amounts of sugar which can bring about weight gain, affecting sleep apnea. Aside from this, it also has direct side effects on the condition.

On the contrary, there are also foods which can help keep sleep apnea at a low and lessen the symptoms felt. For starters, alternatives for foods which worsen sleep apnea should be taken in. This will mean skimmed or non-fat dairy products, other types of fruits, poultry and seafood and whole wheat products. Such as in other circumstances, water is also the best drink.

Aside from these other food that can help sleep apnea are those rich in anti-inflammatory properties which can help the body keep tissues healthy. Eating lots of fresh produce can help combat swelling in the tissues that can tighten the airways. Foods that have a lot of anti inflammatory properties include:

      • Fresh produce including all types of fruits and vegetables (excluding potatoes and bananas), especially green leafy vegetables.
      • Nuts
      • Soy and soybean products
      • Omega 3-fatty acid sources
      • Herbal and green teas
      • Dark chocolate

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