If You Don’t Promote My High-Converting Sleep Apnea E-Book Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later!


1) Because sleep apnea is a COMPLETELY untapped niche for Clickbank products! There is no other product like mine on the market – a guide to alternative sleep apnea treatments, with case studies from real survivors!

2) Because people with sleep apnea are DESPERATE for a solution to their health condition. Sleep apnea is a chronic health condition that can ultimately kill a person if not treated.

3) Because sleep apnea has huge search volume. The term “sleep apnea” gets 550,000 searches PER MONTH.

And that’s not including related general keywords (like “CPAP” – also 550,000 searches per month), or related branded keywords (like Respironics – 135,000 searches per month). That means tons of people actively looking for a solution online!

4) Because sleep apnea is a GROWING problem in all Western countries (and even some developing countries).

Why? Because the #1 cause of sleep apnea is obesity – and we all know that obesity is a huge trend across the world. That means a growing volume of people looking for a solution that “Cure Your Sleep Apnea Without CPAP” provides!

5) Because my product converts well on Google’s content network (it also converts on Google search – but the clicks are cheaper on the content network)

6) Because if you have a website related to weight loss, or a health condition like insomnia, diabetes, or heart disease, my product is an effortless cross-sell to your existing customers!

Who Should You Be Targeting? (Demographics)

When thinking about where to get traffic from for our product, you should have a “mental picture” of your target audience. So here it is – the typical sleep apnea sufferer is:

* Male
* Middle-aged
* Overweight
* Has other health problems like diabetes, heart disease, and insomnia

Women also have sleep apnea – it’s just not as common among women as men.

Here’s the bottom line: a large percentage of people who are overweight are prone to have sleep apnea – especially if they are obese.

When thinking about places to advertise “Cure Your Sleep Apnea Without CPAP”, you should have a picture of your target audience in mind (for our product, picture a middle-aged, overweight man).

How to get Your Clickbank affiliate account:

Step 1 –

Open a ClickBank account for free. The only thing you need is a ClickBank ID (“nickname”). Once you have a ClickBank ID (“nickname”) then you’ll be up and running in about 30 seconds. (It only takes about 90 seconds to sign up with ClickBank.)

Step 2 –

Get your affiliate link here. Remember even if the person you send to our site returns within 60 days that sale will still go to you. (See Clickbank’s FAQ.)

How to Get Traffic

Here are some marketing methods that have been effective for us in driving targeted, high-quality traffic to “Cure Your Sleep Apnea Without CPAP”:

1. Pay-per-click Search Engines:

Sign up for accounts with Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing (formerly Overture), and Bing

2. Free Search Engines and Directories (Content Site):

Create your own website with content specific to the target audience you are marketing to, i.e. individuals who are overweight

3. Niche Forums:

Setting up niche forums specific to the market you are targeting is a great way to attract a constant flow of new prospects.

4. Ezine Advertising:

Find ezines (online newsletters) specific to the target audience and purchase solo ads or other advertising in their online newsletter.

5. Writing Articles for Ezines or Your Website:

Great way to influence subscribers from ezines or prospects who visit your website to purchase. Does not cost anything if you write them yourself.

Click here to download 19 free articles (zip file) that you can put on your site.

Note: because other affiliates are probably using these articles too, you should make small changes to the wording of the articles so they appear original to Google and other search engines.

You can also go to elance.com and put in a project and pay for someone else to do the hard work for you. Then, post your articles on your site and on as many other sites as possible. Make sure to include your affiliate link in the article.

6. Create a Free Newsletter:

Build a list of targeted prospects who are interested in receiving offers. Send out the offers to them embedded in well written articles or content.

7. Press Releases:

Write and distribute Press Releases with your affiliate links included in them.

9. Banner Advertising:

Create a per-click banner campaign (not per-impression) on targeted websites specific to each market.

Below are some banners you can use for advertising and to put on your site.

To use my banners you may upload them to your own server or your can hot link them from my server.

To upload banners to your own server right click on the banner you would like to use. Select “Save image as”. Save the image somewhere on your computer. Then upload the image to your own server. You will then need to use the below HTML on your web page to display the image:

<a href=”http://xxxxx.mmuise66.hop.clickbank.net”> <img src=”http://www.yourdomainname.com/images/bannerfilename.jpg”> </a>

Replace xxxxx with your Clickbank ID and replace the image location with the correct URL.

To hot link the images from our server simply use the HTML below:

<a href=”http://xxxxx.mmuise66.hop.clickbank.net”> <img src=”http://www.sleepapneaweightloss.com/affiliates/bannersandgraphics/bannerfilename.jpg”> </a>

Replace xxxxx with your Clickbank ID and replace bannerfilename.jpg with the correct file name.

To find out the banner file name right click on the banner you would like to use and select “Properties” (or “View Image Info”). The banner file name will be at the end of the URL.

Ebook cover

180 x 150

160 x 600

728 x 90

728 x 90 (2nd version)

300 x 250

PPC Keywords

Here is list of proven keyword groups for “Cure Your Sleep Apnea Without CPAP”:

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