Adaptive Servo Ventilation: Major Breakthrough in Sleep Apnea Treatment

Adaptive Servo Ventilation is a recent breakthrough in the treatment of Sleep Apnea. Its difference from the existing sleep apnea treatments is that its air pressure support continuously adapts to the patient and also adjusts according to the level of breathing that the patient exerts.

Adaptive Servo Ventilation is a special ventilation therapy that monitors and responds to breathing patterns. It also continuously analyzes the patient’s breathing pattern on a breath-by-breath basis and stores the information in a built-in computer. As a result it can immediately sense when the breathing is becoming unstable or when there is a cessation in breathing.

When sleep apnea occurs, the ASV adjusts the air pressure as needed to maintain normal breathing pattern, it responds with air pressure that mimics approximately 90% of the person’s normal breathing.  When the sleep apnea episode ends, it slowly minimizes provision of air pressure to just enough support to help keep the airways open and provides approximately 50% reduction in the work of breathing.

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